Friday, July 24, 2009

Summer Time Fun!

Ayden 4 and Addyson 2 love to swim in our pool!

Ayden giving the camera his serious look

Ayden loves to jump in, he can dive into the deep end now and retrieve
items at the bottom of the pool!
We are proud of this accomplishment to say the least!

Ayden giving mom the look I love so much!
A big smile!

Addy and Daddy on a swim!

Addyson's new Bed!

After much delay on her mom's part Addyson who has been in her big girl bed since Christmas time finally got her bedding to match her decorated room! I had a lady make it out of her crib bedding and it came out adorable! I love it and think is neat that is was made out of her baby bedding- were are trying to re-use cute stuff instead of buying new all the time!

Monday, July 13, 2009

4th of July 2009

This year we celebrated the fourth with our good friends- The Marchuks, The kids loved the fireworks, Addyson talked the entire show oohhing and ahhhhhhhhhing and saying wow!! At the end of the show she said "that was Awesome"! What a fun time we all had! Take a look!

The Eggers family

David, Addyson 2 , Ayden 4

Jennifer and Julie :)

Jake 3 , Addyson 2 and Ayden 4

Firework Art project!

Jump House fun!

Addyson --not looking at the camera again!

Addyson showing off her art work!

Sunday, July 12, 2009

Easter 2009

Our finished eggs! The day before Easter--
Ayden and Addyson dying the Easter Eggs

The Easter Bunny visited our house and lefts lots of candy and fun stuff!

Grandma and Addyson

Addyson 2 showing off her "Princess Easter Dress"

My kids and I on Easter Sunday in our front yard

Hunting for eggs

The Eggers Family Easter 2009

Addy and mommy!

Are there any more eggs with candy mom?
Ayden's silly face !

Grandma and Papa Hylton came over for Easter dinner

As you can see our Easter Was spent with family in Bakersfield this year! We had a fun day and feel blessed for the life Jesus Christ who died and rose again gives us each day!

San Diego Fun

The view from our room--downtown San Diego--this is the bay
Sea Port Village view from our room

Me and the kids in Old Town

David Doug and the kids on the moving sidewalk through the Shark exhibit at Sea World

Addyson and Ayden in Old Town San Diego

Ayden learning about wagons
At Sea Port Village kids held a parrot

The Eggers Family on a Carriage Ride through Sea Port VillageOur Hotel : The Manchester Hyatt
Us in the carriage again

Over Spring Break in April we took a trip to San Diego, we visited with David's brother and wife Doug and Araby, went to Sea World, Old Town and Sea Port Village. The highlight of the trip was staying on the 25th floor of the Manchest Hyatt--the kids loved our cornor room with windows all the way around. Honestly it was the best babysitter, the kids would just sit looking out our rooms windowns nameing all of the modes of transportatin they could see below -- I see a tug boat, sail boat, ship, helicopeter, cars, airplane ect.... it was funny to hear!

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Fireman Birthday Party!

Back in March one of our best friend's Will had a Fireman Birthday Party( his grandpa is a real fireman) and my kids loved it! Take a look-- a real firetruck came and my kids loved every second!